The free tree scheme giveaway begins this week

Posted on: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Starting this week Newark and Sherwood residents who applied for a free tree will be able to collect their saplings as part of the District Council’s annual free tree scheme!

Residents will be able to collect their trees on one of two dates in January from four locations around the district – Newark, Southwell, Ollerton and Clipstone. Residents who have reserved a tree are asked to check their booking confirmation to make sure they attend the correct location.

Friday 20 January
• Sconce and Devon Park, Newark – 10am to 12pm
• Sconce and Devon Park, Newark – 4pm to 6pm
• Vicar Water Country Park, Clipstone – 10am to 2pm

Saturday 21 January
• Vicar Water Country Park, Clipstone – 10am to 12pm
• Southwell Market – 10am to 2pm
• Sherwood Heath, Ollerton – 2pm to 4pm

The giveaways are being held on these dates only, so residents are encouraged to find someone to collect on their behalf if they are no longer available on these dates.

Upon collection, residents will be given an information leaflet on how to plant and look after their Goat Willow (Salix caprea) or Wild Cherry (Prunus avium) trees. The ‘whips’ are small, bare rooted, newly grown trees and therefore are very easy to plant.
Since the scheme began four years ago, 10,000 trees have been given away to residents, groups and parish councils in Newark and Sherwood.

Councillor David Lloyd, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “The enthusiastic response we have had to this year’s free tree scheme has once again been fantastic, and I’m thrilled to see so many residents applying and helping us create a cleaner, safer, greener district.

“Our climate offsetting and tree planting projects play a major part in our Climate Emergency Strategy, and it is encouraging to know that from your gardens to our green spaces that strategy is really taking root!”

Households and communities were able to apply for a free tree through the Newark and Sherwood District Council website between Monday 5 December and Sunday 18 December.

Any residents that think they may have land suitable for planting large numbers of trees are encouraged to get in touch with the District Council. You can find out more information here: