Idling is leaving your engine running when your vehicle is stationary. This creates pollution which quickly builds in the air around and inside your car and impacts the quality of the air in the local area and contributes towards air pollution.

Hotspots for idling are typically outside schools, hospitals and bus stops as idling is more likely to happen at those locations during pick ups and drop offs, and the age groups frequenting these locations, such as children and older people, are particularly sensitive to the harmful effects of air pollution.

During every minute of idling, a car produces enough emissions to fill 150 balloons with harmful chemical that can result in a range of health problems - from heart and lung disease to strokes and cancer and have been shown to be particularly damaging to children.

Stop the Engine

We believe in a future where our children can breathe clean air and thrive in a healthy environment and we are asking residents to help us improve the air quality in Newark and Sherwood by joining us in our campaign and pledge to #StopTheEngine when their vehicle is parked.

You can also help by encouraging parents, teachers and community members to also take the pledge, and by sharing our campaign #StopTheEngine on social media to help us spread the word.


Why should you #Stop The Engine?

Climate Action: Every minute a car idles it emits unnecessary greenhouse gases. By stopping idling we're helping reduce our carbon footprint.

Health Matters: Vehicle exhaust contains harmful pollutants that can lead to respiratory issues and reduced cognitive function in children.

Cleaner Air: Did you know poor air quality is the biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK? Reducing idling decreases air pollution, contributing to cleaner, fresher air for everyone in the community.

Saves Fuel: Keeping your engine running for more than ten seconds uses more fuel than stopping and restarting your engine does. Turn your engine off and reduce your costs.


Anti-Idling myth busters

“I need to run the engine to keep the heater on.”

You car heater should stay warm with just the ignition on for up to 30 minutes after you’ve parked.

“If I’m parked on a yellow line, keeping my engine running means I won’t get a fine.”

Vehicle idling is against traffic regulations so you could get a fine for idling and a parking ticket.

“Doesn’t stopping and starting the engine wear it out?”

This is no longer a problem with modern engines, and by not idling you will use less fuel and reduce your fuel costs.